Are You Ready For Pre-season?

It’s pre-season again – You Ready?

No, I mean really ready.

Have you set your goals for the season? By that I mean personal goals that you actually have influence over, not team goals.

If you’re on this site, then you obviously want to get faster, right?

Well then how are you going to do that and how do you decide if you’ve achieved it or not? 

You may want to play 50games. That means not getting injured. How are you going to go about that?

It may be more game specific. If you’re a full back, you might look to reduce the amount of completed crosses put in from your wing. What do you need to improve on to acieve this?

Pre-season is the time to really work on these areas. Will those 10mile runs and 100 press ups get you closer to your goal? Really?

So you now have these goals for this season. What the hell are you going to do about it? Do you think your team coach will gear the pre-season training sessions specifically with you in mind?

I’m afraid you’re going to have to do something that will take you right out of your comfort zone. Football is a team sport, and the difficult thing for mediocre players is to take accountability for themselves. Are you one of those?

 Albert Einstein believed that the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing but expect a different result.

Mr Einstein, now he was a clever bloke.

Are you going to do the same as last year and hope that the gaffer might come up with something miraculous in training that will turn you into a star?

Or are you going to leave nothing to chance and plan your own route to success?

But let’s go back to our Albert shall we? What you’ve been doing hasn’t been getting you the results you desire – or you wouldn’t be here:)

Keep an eye on this area over the coming weeks. I’ll be posting weekly articles on game specific speed development and physical preparation. I may upset a few people and completelycontradict what you’ve been taught about speed training for years.

Yours in speed

Rob Gascoyne

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