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If you’re serious about achieving your goals, then what could you achieve with the same level of support and dedication as professional athletes.

You may not BE a professional athlete, but I believe that everyone should train like one.

For the very first time, the same Speed Academy expertise that is behind some of the top sports people in the region is available to you.

By that I don’t mean that you’ll be doing watered down versions of what I do with my high performance athletes. That would be easy – but of little benefit to you. What you get are the systems and protocol we use to help the best get better. The attention to detail, high quality individualised coaching, support and facilities.

Hiring a personal trainer to help you on your quest is big investment. Not only financially, but your goals are important to you. You need to 100% confident that you’re getting the best support and advice to achieve them.

The Speed Academy systems are trusted by those people whose livelihood depends on it.

In the last year alone our customers have included, the Bradford Bulls 1st team, European Tour golfers, World Series Squash players, professional football players and Wembley finalists.


Here’s your chance to train the way the pro’s train.

Personal Training At Speed Academy leverages our proven methodology to completely revolutionise your life and transform how you perform, look, and feel each day. The Speed Academy system is supported by the four pillars of mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery that have helped power some of the best athletes and teams in the region.


If you’re excited by the prospect of  discovering your true potential then give me a call to arrange an appointment for a free, no obligations consultation.

Everything begins with the consultation, where we will discuss your goals, requirements and have a look around the facility. It’s also an opportunity to look at any possible obstacles and barriers that may create a challenge. If we have a solution set in place then they’re less likely to hold you back. We also need to find the things we can draw on to keep you on track when life starts to get in the way.

Everyone is different and it’s important for me to understand what is important to you, what you expect from a coach and how I may get the best from you. After all, you know you best.

This not only helps us to plan the programme together but also how we are going to assess and monitor your progress along the way. It also allows you the chance to get to understand the thought process behind your programme.


Following your consultation, I will take you through my comprehensive assessment procedure. This is where the years of working with high performance athletes comes in. A Functional Movement Screen™ and biomechanical analysis evaluates how you move, highlighting weaknesses, restrictions and imbalances. We will also accurately assess the areas in which you want to improve.

We now know where you want to be via the consultation, and where you are now through your assessment. Not only that, if I’ve done my job properly, we should also be aware of what works for you, the possible pitfalls and obstacles that you may come across along the way. So contingencies and coping mechanisms can be designed to deal with them and keep you moving forward.


“Begin with the end in mind.” Steven Covey

Your programme starts with the nuts and bolts of pillar (core ) training and your new movement preparation (dynamic warm up) routine. The FOUNDATION PHASE of your programme will be mainly focused on getting your body moving correctly and preparing you physically and mentally for the training to come.

This phase introduces you to key movements, or exercises, that you’ll perform throughout your program, such as squats, dead lifts, chops, lifts, and lunges. Even elite athletes need to review and refine these exercises since they’re essential in laying the groundwork for greater gains in mobility and stability. Practising these lifts will also help address any asymmetries you may have developed.

This serves 2 purposes. It allows you to move more efficiently with less restriction, but also to set the strongest possible foundation from which to develop your athleticism and surpass your goals.

GET STABLE phase – ramps up the intensity of your training to help prepare you for the strength building phase. The focus is on taking the quality of movement you gained in the foundation period and making those movements more challenging.

GET STRONG phase – you’ll decrease the number of repetitions you perform yet again in this phase and really challenge yourself with the amount of weight you lift.

If you’re performing a program with a lifestyle goal (i.e. lose weight or reduce pain, etc), you may notice that you’re performing a lot of “isolateral movements,” meaning using one leg or arm at a time or alternating arms or legs. This helps you build both strength and symmetry throughout your body.

If you’re on a sports program, you’ll do a lot of movements on two legs or two arms, giving you a solid base to push your strength limits.

JUST WORK – In this phase, you’ll take the strength you’ve just gained and apply it in training sessions that test your stamina.

You may notice that the number of repetitions you do increases, so the length of your sets becomes longer. This strategy builds muscular endurance and conditions you to a higher volume of work. It may also stimulate your metabolism and muscle growth.

During this phase, both lifestyle and performance programs focus on “isolateral work,” or movements that challenge your limbs independently, which helps troubleshoot strength imbalances and builds symmetry.

GET POWERFUL – Power must be the most underrated element in training for people who have no interest in sports. You might think, What do I need power for? But research has shown that power fades fast as you age and significantly impacts whether you wear down early or stay active well into your golden years.

The payoffs of power are more obvious for athletes. Building a more powerful, explosive body will help you make sharper moves, burst through holes and leap higher.

If you’re following a sport/performance program, you’ll drop the repetitions and work on your “rate of force development,” meaning you’ll perform the movements fast. But don’t sacrifice form for speed. Just work on accelerating the loads and exhibiting your strength in less time.

If you’re following a lifestyle program, your reps will drop, as well, and the intensity of your training will increase.

Each new phase will bring it’s own challenges but will flow naturally from the previous phase. As you get more and more proficient, the exercises will develop in complexity making sure you are always challenged and visibly moving towards your goal. Phases tend to last 4-6 weeks to keep your mind and body stimulated.

Should your assessment highlight any problems that need dealing with, our medical support network is the same as those used by Olympic and Super League champions. Every step of your progression (even when things go wrong) you are supported by a world class team.


We want people who are excited by the idea of doing things that they never thought they would again. People who want to defy logic and not just look and feel better but actually BE better than they were 10, 15, 20yrs ago.

Aesthetics isn’t the altar I pray at. I’ve noticed that form follows function. If you train to be athletic (including eating, sleeping and recovering correctly), then the body adapts to look, well… athletic. The body’s a pretty logical machine really. It’s a product of what you ask of it. I’ve found over the years that working toward aesthetics is self defeating. If this is your focus, you’ll rarely be happy.

So, whether you want to play Super League, run a faster 10K (or even your first 10K), play with your kids or want to have one last go at seeing how good you really can be, Contact Speed Academy today. I can help you rewrite your goals.



If you have read through the information above, you will have guessed by now that Speed Academy  will not be the cheapest personal training in Leeds. If you are choosing your personal train on price only, then Speed Academy is not for you. There is no joining fee but I do expect you to commit to at least 3 months.  Why? Because in 3 months you can expect to see top level results. If you decide to leave after this time, then at least I’ve done my job.

To completely remove the risk from you, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.


If at any point in the first month you feel dissatisfied with your experience at Speed Academy, then just tell me and you can have EVERY PENNY back.

I promise, we won’t use some dodgy small print or mass of forms to weasel out. I just want to make sure that everyone has a great experience.


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