The professional athletes we work with recognise that, in order to move to the next level in sport you must look beyond just training for the sport. Being faster, stronger and more athletic leads to exponential improvements. These skills require focused coaching.

Future Champions Speed Academy is unique. We do well what most professional football and rugby academies in this country do badly. And that’s develop the foundational athleticism that ambitious young players require in order to maximise their potential.

No other course outside coaches the mechanics of multi directional movement while addressing the complex strength, flexibility and coordination issues faced by teenage athletes.

Yes I said athlete. That doesn’t mean track and field. All team sports players need a foundation of athleticism from which to express their sporting skills. However skillful or tactically aware a player is, they’ll always get overlooked if they don’t have the strength, balance and efficiency of movement to be effective.

The Christmas Edition of Future Champions Speed Camp brings the following improvements:

  1. Electronically timed speed and agility tests – see how fast you really are!
  2. Specifically designed speed games to rehearse the new skills in a sporting context and provide healthy competition
  3. Members-only interactive Facebook Group with video footage, analysis and continue the coaching experience
  4. Indoor training facility
  5. Exclusive prizes for top performers

In one day attendees will discover:

  • How their warm up can actually make them faster
  • Why reactivity is all about preparation
  • How to overcome genetics with rapid acceleration
  • The ability to decelerate – aguably more effective than pure speed
  • The 7 secrets of first step quickness used by the quickest players

As if that isn’t enough for one day, athletes will see how the right types of strength work and plyometrics can actually contribute to a sports specific speed training programme for teenage athletes.

Although Speed Academy build our reputation on our work with professional teams and athletes, this is not an elite camp. We can improve anyone who wants to improve. Great attitude is everything.

All attendees will also receive:

* A 6 week speed training programme to continue their development
* £50 voucher redeemable against any Speed Academy ongoing courses
* Special offers available only on the day

All this for only £30!

Date:       Fri 4th January 2013

Time:       10:00 – 4:00

Venue:    Farsley AFC, Throstle Nest, Newlands, Farsley LS28 5BE

Cost:       £30



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