Is It Time To Take Your Football To The Next Level?

Let Me Share a Harsh Reality With You…

If you’re a football player and you aren’t doing everything you can in your training to get as fast as possible, as agile as possible, as strong as possible and as fit as possible, you will get left behind by the competition, even at the semi-professional level. The game has changed that much.

9 times out of 10, decisive moments in games can be tracked back to an incident of explosiveness, speed or athleticism.

When it comes to getting a contract…being sharp in those decisive moments, whether it’s the first minute or the last, gets you noticed.

But with an abundance of information, most of it conflicting, learning how to train effectively for football remains an utter mystery for most players – and coaches. And even once you’ve successfully sifted through all the information from online experts, personal trainers, former coaches/players you actually have to design your programme and make it work for YOU.

Exercise selection, reps, sets, rest periods, training frequency, plyometrics, speed drills, recovery, nutrition and supplementation all have to be considered, monitored and adjusted based on your playing schedule.

If that all sounds like hard work, that’s because it is. Especially mid season, when most are happy to MAINTAIN their speed and fitness. You need to IMPROVE through the season, not fade.

That’s why I’ve developed my In-Season Football Performance Programme, for players just like you.

Players who need to do the right things daily – like a pro to – make it to the next level and don’t want to waste any more time. 

Alex Purver Ostersunds FK
Players like Alex Purver (Ostersunds FK)

“Over an 8 month in season period the athletic improvement in my game was vast in all four key areas. The results were clear none more so in the fact that for the first time in my footballing career I was able to complete a full season without missing a single game or training session due to injury. This is something that simply would not have happened without the program, guidance and help from Rob.
Not only was I feeling faster, sharper and more explosive when moving in games but I was also feeling fresher than ever due to moving more efficiently down to the work I was doing with Rob. With the tailored program that catered for my specific needs, within the allotted time we had in my schedule, the time and effort I was putting in the gym translated into an increase in performance on the pitch.” 

Alex Purver, Ostersunds FK

If you live near Leeds, are on a mission to play professional football, you’re in the right place. The Speed Academy In-Season Football Performance Programme is scientifically designed, 100% individualised and is guaranteed to improve your performance on the pitch.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your results after 4 weeks, you get every penny back and I’ll train you for free until you are. I’m that confident in the quality of this programme. 

However please note that this program is not for everyone. There are no magic potions or get-fast-overnight schemes here, just intelligent training, smart nutrition and hard work.

What The Speed Academy In-Season Football Performance Programme Will Do For You

Unlock your athleticism by learning to train explosively.

Prepare properly for games and training to maximize performance and prevent injury.

Maximize perception, balance and movement technique to improve game-speed, agility and quickness.

Develop healthy, mobile, pain free joints

Reduce your risk of niggling and career threatening injuries

Improve your strength and power in-season without soreness

Recover from training and playing much quicker

And Much, Much More!

This Programme Is Not For Every Player!


Highly motivated



Psychologically, physically and financially committed to being the best football player you can be

How It Works

When you join the Speed Academy In-Season Football Performance Programme, we begin with an in-depth consultation in which we discuss your goals and establish a plan of attack. We’ll follow this up with a comprehensive biomechanical and functional performance assessment based on your goals and what we’ve discussed in the consultation.

I then get to work designing your bespoke program according to your training and injury history, individual strengths and weaknesses, positional needs and current playing and work schedule.

Training is in small groups of 3-4 players for optimal coaching

There are sessions every day from Monday to Friday

3 Training options – 5, 10, or Unlimited sessions per month.

Sessions last 60-90mins depending on focus for that day.

When not with the group, all your training will be on our Bridge Athletic App. Including recovery assessment and videos of all exercises.


Maximum 4 Players Per Session
4th Nov – 20th Dec
Monday to Friday
Edge Gym, WIRA Business Park, LS16 6EB

Take your game to the next level

5 sessions per month £95/mth

10 Sessions per month £175/mth

Unlimited Sessions £250/mth

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the In-Season Football Performance Programme, and if you aren’t a stronger, faster, more agile, and quicker player after 4-weeks, I will give you 100% of your money back.

You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining our In-Season Football Performance Programme

And if that’s not enough…


Register In November And Get A Free Upgrade to Unlimited Training For The Rest Of The Month!

Rob Gascoyne – Performance Coach