Fitter and Faster After 40 Programme

Are You Over 40 and Want to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever?

Maybe My “Fitter and Faster After 40” 12 Month Programme is For You.

If you’re serious about getting in the best shape of your life, while simultaneously building nutrition, recovery and mindset habits that you can use for a lifetime, then you need to learn about this program!

Do you want to be surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals who will keep you accountable and give you the support you need to be successful?

Do you want a programme that’s specifically designed for over 40s who understand that extraordinary results don’t come from working harder but from working smarter.

And last but not least, are you looking to grow in ALL aspects of your life – not just your physical development?

If so, my Fitter and Faster After 40 Program could be just what you’re looking for!

So How Does it Work?

When you become a member of the ‘This Dad Can’ Online Coaching Programme, we begin with an in depth consultation process in which I find out your goals and establish a plan of attack.

Your programme will be delivered via, in my view, the best app in the business. So easy to use and it tracks everything. Including how well you’re recovering and adapting to the training. You can also send me messages and videos from it. This really helps me to coach you from a distance.

You’ll receive videos from me each month, explaining exactly how and why you’re doing each exercise and how it fits in to the system.

The program will be split into four, 3 month training blocks/goals across the year:

Block #1 – The Rebuild

Block #2 – Leaning Season

Block #3 – Athletic Domination

Block #4 – Get Strong(er)

Rotating the focus over the course of the year not only keeps your training fresh, but helps keep you healthy as well.

Block #1 will be used to get your body moving the right way and feeling great. This phase is where you increase what is possible. If we’re going to build something impressive, it can’t be built on the same foundations as before. This block will improve the way you move, connective tissue strength and work capacity. It doesn’t sound sexy but you’ll be feeling great after this block

We’ll also put a premium on developing a strong and stable core in this phase, then chances are you’re going to look, move and feel better ASAP!

Block #2 will be focused on getting lean. Most of us come out of the winter a bit softer than we’d like. With summer coming up, we’re going to take a few months to shed any extra body fat or weight you’re looking to use. We’ll combine a sound training program with smart nutrition to make this as straightforward and easy as possible. If your body is getting stronger and firmer, it would be a shame to leave it covered in soft padding.

And beyond simply looking better, the side benefit here is how it benefits our third block. Cos we all know, fat don’t fly!

Block #3 is where we stand out at Speed Academy – your athleticism block. In the summer we all want to get out and be active, so this is where we’re going to work on speed, agility, power and explosiveness. All the hard work you’ve done laying the foundation will now come to fruition. It’s time to have fun and feel like an athlete again. What’s the point in having a nice ;looking car if you don’t take it for a spin on the track?

This block alone is worth the price.

Last but not least, Block #4 you’ll focus on getting stronger. The timing of this can’t be better, as you’re typically moving indoors for the winter, and the food is plentiful – which never hurts the strength gains!

To really reinforce each block, we’re going to emphasize before/after measurements every step of the way.

Having an obvious and objective goal each training block really allows you to focus your efforts and get noticeable results.

You’ll also have the support from our private Facebook group.

This is really a vital portion of the programme. I want to make this like team training. I’m not sure if it’s the competitiveness, the banter or just not wanting to let the side down – but the accountability makes a difference.

A year is a REALLY long time!

While it may be challenging to stay focused and engaged for 52-weeks, it’s definitely not impossible.

That’s why each week I’m going to email you with ideas to keep you on track.

Maybe it’s ways to get more out of your training.

Maybe it’s finding ways to tighten up the nutrition.

Or maybe it’s just helping you improve your recovery and feel better every single day.

Our group will not only be focused on accountability, but fun and support when it’s needed as well.

Because over the course of the year, at some point in time, something is going to knock you off the rails.

The real question is this:

When something comes up in your life, will you have the support group, the community behind you, to help you get back on track?

In this group we’re going to push you, support you, and possibly even carry you from time-to-time.

Last but not least, you’ll have year-round access to me with regards to coaching, weekly emails and video reviews. !

As you can see, when you combine a great program with great people, you have a recipe for success.

In fact, I guarantee it!

If you do the work and at any time, you feel that you’re not getting the desired results. I’ll give you 100% of your money back!

This All Sounds Great Rob – But What’s The Damage?

Payment Option 1 £59/month

Payment Option 2 – £590 1yr Paid in Full

Don’t forget – here’s everything you’ll get when you sign up:

A new training program each month that will help you feel like you did when you were training for your sport.

Nutrition, recovery and mindset goals that will help you build solid habits that you can use for a lifetime.

A supportive community that also believes in the same crazy notion that your best days are not over.

Weekly accountability emails that will keep you on track and focused.

And last but not least, the built-in accountability of working with a coach (and a group of people) who are committed to seeing you succeed.

If you’re interested in signing up please register no later than Friday, January 10th, as the program will start on Monday, January 13th.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email me directly . I’m excited about the program and I hope you’ll be a part of our group!

Fill out the form below and get the ball rolling!

All the best,

P.S. – I have 20 spots open in this group, so if you’re interested, please get registered ASAP!

Once filled I’ll be taking this page down and you won’t be able to get in again until this time next year.