Pre-Season Speed Training in Leeds

Football is an explosive, power endurance game where speed and athleticism reign supreme. The Speed Academy Pre-Season Programme is the most comprehensive 8 week package outside of a Premiership club. 


These words aren’t usually associated with pre-season training, but they should be. That’s the nature of the game. So that’s what our Pre-Season Programme will prepare you for.

Speed wins games! But the Speed Academy Pre-season Programme, won’t just make you fast. You’ll utilise our recovery and regeneration protocol to enable you to train at a high intensity, more often.

You’ll develop the footwork secrets used by the most agile players in the world. I know – I’ve studied them.

Speed and agility are skills that can be taught. The only thing is that they are very complex skills that are very demanding on the whole body. No other programme will break down the movements required by football like Speed Academy.

Skills that you will address on this 8 week intensive course:

  • Gain a yard over 10m with our signature 1st step and acceleration techniques
  • How to decelerate quickly. The most effective way to lose your marker and create space
  • Lateral and Multi-directional agility
  • Football posture (yes, this will make you faster more balanced and allow you to play at a higher tempo)
  • Footwork skills that will leave you untouchable
  • Develop a devastating cut off both feet

We actually coach these movements with tests before and after to track your improvements. No Crufts agility courses with ladders, cones and hurdles here.

Over many years of coaching and working with other coaches, I’ve learned that an athlete can’t improve if they don’t have the physical requirements for the skill.

Our comprehensive assessment protocol will highlight any physical aspects that are currently holding you back.  This is where we really show our value. Your strength programme is designed to specifically irradicate power leaks and inhibit muscle domination that causes soft tissue injuries and can quite literally puts the brakes on your speed.

Your balance and co-ordination is dependent on specific strength, dynamic stability, dynamic mobility and body awareness. If any one of these is deficient, it causes massive restrictions on your speed potential. This is why most speed training programmes don’t work. They compound rather than remove movement deficiencies.

High intensity training and playing places a high demand on your body’s recovery systems. To help you stay on top form all season, you will be guided in the performance lifestyle that includes our Performance Nutrition – Performance Mindset – Performance Recovery systems.

Edge Gym, Wira Business Park, West Park, Leeds, LS16 6EB

Training Time: Mon 6pm

Duration 1.5hrs

Start Date: 16th July

Price: £145
Places: 6

If you’re still pondering about the programme, let me take away the risk.

I’ll give you 100% of your money back if after 4 weeks you don’t think that Speed Academy is radically improving your on field performance.

No Speed = No Fee

P.S. There are only 6 places available.