Are You Ready To Step Up To The Next Level?

As pioneers of Sports Performance Training in the private sector, Speed Academy offers an innovative approach to training – working on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals.

At Speed Academy, we want to create the most inspiring atmosphere possible for every single athlete on our courses. Group dynamics is a very important part the programme. Success breeds success.

That’s why we must make sure that each applicant will bring something to the group and is ready to make the changes required for a leap in performance.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete, but you do need to have the right attitude.

When you are ready to join one of our programmes you will be required to:

    1. Go through a needs analysis, movement screen and functional assessment prior to commencing any training programme
    2. Leave your ego at the door. Everybody coming to Speed Academy starts from scratch.  Your future is important, I can’t assume anything.
    3. Listen when your coach is speaking.
    4. Practice your homework daily if you want to improve
    5. Approach every session with the intention of leaving a better athlete.
    6. Earn your right to have a laugh. If you’re working hard, we can have fun.
    7. Be part of a team. Treat the group like a bank account. The more you give to the team, the more you will get back when you need it.
    8. All athletes must make the coach aware of any injuries, illnesses. However minor they may seem.
    9. Always be 10mins early and begin your personal warm up prior to training.
    10. Enter with an open mind and willingness to change. I can’t guarantee success to athletes who don’t fully commit to our system.

We are not trying to deliberately preclude people but, because the groups are small and intense if someone doesn’t fit, not only will they have wasted a lot of their own time, energy and money, but they will also have held back the rest of the group.

If reading this makes you feel that you’ve found your spiritual home with Speed Academy, then please click here and fill out our application form.