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Dear Supportive Parent,

If you’re here, reading this web site, it’s quite likely you are searching for the best resource to help your child reach his / her potential in sports. You’re looking for a Coach who is a true expert in the field of athletic performance, a Coach with a long track record of success as well as a Coach who genuinely cares.

As a parent myself, I understand how important this is for you and your child. My commitment to your child is something I take very seriously, which is why I’m constantly improving the Speed Academy training methods to ensure that your child gets nothing less than the best training in Yorkshire.


I Guarantee results or your money back, no questions asked.


Speed Academy is interested in working with supportive parents who have children that understand that success will take work and commitment on their part.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not strong, fast, or are new to training. All you have to do is show up with passion and we’ll take care of the results.

We excel in working with the athlete who is undersized, underweight and weaker than the norms for his / her age. There is no athlete too weak or too slow to train here. We will get you stronger, faster, more explosive and more confident, that’s a guarantee.

In as little as 6 weeks, our athletes begin experiencing dramatic improvements in their:

  •  Strength
  •  Confidence & Self Esteem
  •  Speed & Explosive Power
  •  Gains in Lean Muscle
  •  Reduction of Joint Aches & Pains
  •  Conditioning 

The Speed Academy System has been proven by hundreds of athletes.


Transforming Your Child Into A Champion Is NOT Our Only Goal.

We Help Your Child Achieve Success For A Lifetime.

Character, Confidence, Leadership, Honesty, Responsibility & Accountability 

These are rare qualities amongst today’s athletes, and your child will learn them while training here. These traits are critical to his / her success in sports AND life, and we aim to help your child excel in ALL of these areas.

Only highly dedicated, highly motivated players are accepted onto the program. No exceptions. This ensures that every athlete at training compliments one another and helps raise the bar for one another. This is not an elitist approach. Ability is not important, attitude IS.

We have young players travelling from all over Yorkshire to take advantage of the Speed Academy methods in an effort to optimise what they have.

I’ve even had enquiries from London as there’s nothing like this down there.

This is probably NOT an opportunity you had as a child.

Many parents who are former football/rugby players tell me that they wished they had this kind of training available to them when they were competing.

Well, now is YOUR chance to give your child his/her best chance to fulfil their potential.

Top Performing Teams such as Bradford Bulls & Bradford City seek out our coaching services as well. They KNOW we are the best when it comes to transforming players into stronger, faster, more explosive and more confident athletes.

Life Long Lessons & Why Your Child Needs Something Unique and Different Than Their Competition….

ALL players need to get an edge over their competition if they want to truly excel and stand apart. Their competition is already doing everything they are doing: attending coaching camps specific to their sport, training in their school weight room, etc.

If you’re doing the same training as everyone else how do you expect to set yourself apart from the pack? The truth is that you can’t, you are simply meeting the status quo.

Our methods are specifically geared towards the long term athletic development of your child. Isolating weak points and turning them into strong points and developing overall athleticism that will apply to their sport.

Many other Coaches and inexperienced trainers try to incorporate SAQ type techniques in their training.

Using ladders, hurdles, stretch cords and harnesses are only tools, nothing else.

But drills don’t make you faster. Coaching does.

And coaching is a process that takes someone on a journey, not a drill.  This takes knowledge and years of experience to know what each person needs to take them forward.

In order to gain the knowledge, I believe in standing on the shoulders of giants.

So I’ve sought out the most successful coaches and institutions in the world. Then actually spent time with them and watched them operate. I didn’t just read the book and watch the video.

The Speed Academy System has been developed through 10yrs of coaching, learning from the most successful coaches and systems in the world, along with 20+ years of competing. Again learning from world renowned coaches. 

The methods I use don’t come about from a weekend course or a few books. My expertise has been crafted and moulded, tested and proven with my athletes achieving above normal success time and again.


I Limit the Speed Academy Future Champions Programme to 8 Athletes per session to Ensure My Athletes Get the Best Coaching Possible.

If You Apply When Membership is Full You Have the Option of Being Placed on Our Waiting List.

** Serious Inquiries Only Please **

To Apply for Membership Please First Book in a Free Trial Below


Future Champions is divided into two different levels.

Future Champions Level I

Aimed at pre-adolescent athletes usually aged between 11  and 13 years, the programme focuses on the fundamental skills of accelerating, sprinting, stopping, changing direction, throwing, jumping, coordination and balance. This is the most critical time for establishing precise, efficient and co-ordinated movement.

These are all natural movement patterns that should be instinctive. However, modern lifestyle, ill advised coaching, growth spurts and hormonal changes have a massive impact on their movement capability. Until the physical limitations such as strength, stability and mobility are addressed, skills will be impossible to learn.

The Speed Academy strength programme will benefit the young athlete by:

    • Focusing on movement techniques with increased force to maximise potential
    • Reducing the chance of injury as the young athlete naturally increases in height, weight and strength
    • Build foundations that are as deep as they are wide – enhancing future performance potential

Time: Monday 17:30    and    Wednesday 18:45

Venue: Edge Gym , WIRA Business Park, West Park, Leeds


Future Champions Level II

Aimed at adolescent players typically aged 14-16, Future Champs Level II utilizes the most up-to-date research on safe athlete training techniques and injury prevention as it foundation.  This 75min program uses our signature speed, strength and power training methods and cutting-edge coaching techniques to produce maximum improvements in athletic performance.

Time: Monday 19:30    and Wednesday 5:30

Venue: Edge Gym , WIRA Business Park, West Park, Leeds


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See for yourself why Speed Academy is so unique. Then decide if it’s right for your Future Champ. 


Leave your details and we’ll call you back to arrange a date that suits you.

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