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Athleticism is what separates those that make it from those that don’t. Until now, you either had it or you didn’t.

Current coaching of speed and agility within clubs and academies is just not making our Future Champions fast, agile and injury resilient.

At Speed Academy, we develop Future Champions through a seamlessly integrated system of coaching great movement skills. To develop a skill, you must first have the physical capability of carrying it out. This is where most programmes fail the athletes. At Speed Academy, we assess for those physical competencies and make sure they are in place before the skills are progressed.

It takes hours of purposeful practice to perfect a skill. The best time to develop speed and agility is when the nervous system is like a sponge. There are windows in a young athlete’s development when their body is crying out for certain types of stimulus. If you miss that window, you need to work much harder further down the line for the same results.

That’s how all world class performers are created. They did the right things at the right times and maximised their windows. Some by good fortune, some by good coaching.

The systems we use at Future Champions Speed Academy are based upon years of research into the mechanics of sport specific movement and long term athlete development. We know when the body needs to focus on mobility and stability, when to optimally develop speed and when to introduce formal strength training or plyometrics.

Future Champions Speed Academy

Many experts view 10 to 18 years as the ideal age for athletes to set the foundations for speed, strength and power. The Future Champions programme helps young athletes achieve maximal improvements in athleticism at this crucial time of their development, using our cutting-edge long term athlete development programme.

The speed academy has two different levels for young upcoming athletes.

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Future Champions Level I

Aimed at preadolescent athletes usually aged between 11  and 14 years, the programme focuses on the fundamental skills of accelerating, sprinting, stopping, changing direction, throwing, jumping and balance. This is the most critical time for establishing precise, efficient and co-ordinated movement. However, modern lifestyle, growth spurts and hormonal changes have a massive impact on their movement capability and this course is the only one with a solution to positively guide the athletes through these phases.

These athletes are also introduced to bodyweight strength, stability and mobility training to benefit the young athlete by:

    • Focusing on movement techniques with increased force to maximise potential
    • Reducing the chance of injury as the young athlete naturally increases in height, weight and strength
    • Build foundations that are as deep as they are wide – enhancing future performance potential


100% Money Back No Quibble Guarantee if after 4 weeks you don’t feel that this course is for you.


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